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Completely new to this place and I am here to share somethings which I am interested in.. I am not a professional blogger or a writer, but lately I have realized that I can give it a try…

A simple and fun-loving girl who loves to make new friends and help people. I believe more in giving than in receiving Help and it has always been helpful for me to be Happy..

I will not be able to post frequently but assure you that whenever I get to Post , It will be worth reading..

And yeah not just that If you require any help or advice regarding anything you can always drop your questions in the comment sections of any of the posts.


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The Hidden Notes of my Diary

Why do you miss someone..?

It’s not always about the person..It’s also about you being with that person.

It’s not just the person that you miss , it’s also about the kind of feelings that you go through when around them…. about the moments enjoyed, the time cherished and the feelings felt.

You meet a person and spend just a couple of months , but if during that phase you managed to maintain a subtle yet true bond with each other then forgetting that Human becomes a real battle …because your soul has accepted and dug that person right in the deepest untouched corners of your heart… that even if several negative mundane words come like a pack of arrows from the exterior , the heart generates a shield only to protect it.

And honestly, it has got nothing to do with the duration of Time. The time spent may be either like the depth of the ocean or just like a drop of the same ocean. 🍂


it’s yet another Sunday evening and I am as usual studying for my exams.. suddenly I felt tears roll down my cheek..yes I do have this one problem.. if there is something going on in the back of my mind and if no ones there I let my eyes release those feelings with the help of tears.

Memories can be good or bad..but for me memories have always worked like a mirror that gave me a reality check of who I really was and what I have done to myself today…the person I am today is just an alter ego of the the person I was few months back ..same body but with changed character..

Memories always made me wish of one thing.. that is to go back and change few things.. because that was not how it’s supposed to be…but you can not do anything else except for wishing..it’s never gonna happen..

I don’t know is it just me or even others have faced the same situation in their life…but why is it so hard to let people go…they easily walk in… and we always welcome them…but when they leave why is it not so easy…you struggle so hard to walk past that incident just to realize you are only surrounding yourself with it.

They say that wounds take time to heal.. yes it does.. and you may distract yourself a thousand times in day to avoid thinking about it.. but the scar..what about that..will it not make you think about the incident that caused you that scar….??? Clearly yes.. you will, even if you satisfy yourself million times saying it was just a mistake..you will think about it again and again until you give up…

But now the only thing I focus on is to be more of myself..obviously I cannot go back to becoming the same old me even if I tried to..But I will at least try not becoming the worst version of me..probably by doing this I hope I may re kindle the lost hope in me..

…wrong timing

I wish to consider that it was a wrong timing..

It all started somewhere in mid September when we were all new, belonging to places far apart. I still remember the day when I first saw you with your innocent smile and that subtle gesture which made you stand out from the rest of the crowd. It was a very casual start but gradually we started speaking and it felt like I have been knowing you forever.

It was so beautiful the way we got to know each other so well that I failed to realize that I fell for you. Before I could say anything first, you guessed it and that’s how it all began.

Trust me it all seemed like a dream. It was not less than a fairy tail for a girl who lost hopes about her own sanity. It was insane about how safe and warm I felt every time I held your hand tight like that’s how it was always supposed to be. I now knew where my happiness really was.

But that one day when we spoke to each-other, for the first time I felt that there was something wrong happening. I saw you still entwined with your past. Your eyes were searching for someone else to me.

I looked at my own hand now, holding onto to a fine line between us, holding onto nothing, a little too tight.

I then realized sometimes the pieces that you think will fit the puzzle of your life is identical but not the same. They may look similar to the impression created in your mind but need not be the correct one.

And I never blamed you. I still don’t.

Because love can be conclusively everything. But never enough…..

Hidden Notes of My Diary


Do you know how does it feel..?

When your Heart is in a war with your Mind. When your Brain forces you to remember every piece of darkness that your Heart went through..

It begins with a small thought and then gradually builds up a wall of questions around interrogating your own sanity and your existence in your own life and finally end up crying out in frustration because that seems to be the only way to let it go..

It is the most destructive feeling when you are lost in darkness and long for one piece of Happiness..

that piece which could help me reassure that I am not worthless and life isn’t that bad yet. And when this continues and I still scramble for a way out of this mess I am getting sick and tired of trying but not seeing the change. I am sick and tired of this being my routine which I don’t wish to follow.

Imam not happy at all..The word itself has lost all its meaning for me ..and now have reached a point where all my ability to pretend that I am fine is lost too.. now all I do is breakdown..

It is merely impossible for me who is going through all these things to express my feelings because it feels empty.

It feels like I have lost connections with my feelings…it is like experiencing a pain without knowing the reason.. just surrounded by fog, unable to trace my path…

I am tired sobbing in hopes that it will all fade away one day, seems that I am trying to fantasize that something like this will ever happen.

So today I am giving up on everything and everyone..

I will sleep away all the sorrow and pain..

Because if I don’t give up I am afraid to reach a point where I will completely break down and never get up again..

So, today I am giving up cause I cannot bear it anymore…

– A Tired Soul


Apologies for not posting blogs regulary.. I have my examinations going on.. so busy with the prep.

I will be back here as and when I get time till then do let me know on what topic should my next blog be…..

Take care.

Determination with a pinch of Risk..

Determine that things can and shall be done and then you shall find the way..

-Abraham Lincoln

Determination-the quality of being firm on your decision is precisely the meaning of this Big word. But how many of us actually are firm and stick to that particular decision made by us till the end…? Very few of us.

Ninety percent of the people do think that Determination means a tendency to work according to the plan that is chalked down for them or by them. Few of us also think that It is only necessary for achieving long term goals e.g. Career.

Basically Determination is nothing but showing an interest in whatever work you do along with hard work and acceptance of little risk, may it be something as big as securing highest grades in an examination or as small as waking up early in the morning. The thing is if you have Interest in doing something you automatically start being responsible enough to complete it.

But apparently being a part of the current generation I realised that If something is at stake only then the Human mind gets Ignited and that is when Determination is seen. Along with that there is also something called as Fear of Failure.

When you select a particular task you should get immersed in it. Either you will succeed or fail , that risk is always there. But this should not deter you. There is always a risk involved when we venture into something new. The risk of facing Failure, the risk of not achieving what you have dreamt of, the risk of what the society will think, etc, etc, etc.But that should not stop you from trying. When you fail you still have the experience gained to draw upon in the future. When there is a risk of not achieving what you have dreamt of you work even more hard and when you hear people talk something negative about you, you will find a way to prove them wrong. You cannot achieve success by playing it safe.

After all the process of Birth itself is a risky affair. It is not easy for a newborn when it enters a new world. But then the Infant starts breathing…. and life follows, with all its hopes and aspirations. If the newborn was not determined at that point then there was no chance for it to live. From this I personally believe that we all are Born Champions. It is just important to continue being the same till we get what we want.

Every Challenge you face is an Opportunity in disguise. Well at the end it is all about showing willingness to take pragmatic risks and complete that challenge by being Determined.

What is Love….?

It’s not wrong to say But Love has always been one of those topics which can have seemingly endless number of definitions. Everyone has their own Perspective or their own experience for that matter to define what true love means to them. For some love may just be a mere feeling but for some Love means Life…!

But what is Love…..? Why does being loved seem one of the best feelings in this world..? The Big Question Why?

Apparently I had these Questions Unanswered for a while..but finally I guess I understood what it means.

How can Love exist between two souls and last forever?

Well the first thing that came up in my Mind was to build a strong Relationship and to be in Love forever you require Determination or Courage the exact amount that you require if someone asks you to step alone into a dark place may be a Forest late midnight. But then on a second thought if you take that example there you have some kind of fear. But love and fear had no connection . It is a happy feeling, a pleasant one then why do you need courage or determination. Nope it’s not that .. Then what is it…?

True love is knowing some one so well that you feel like an extension of yourself. It is about sharing your dreams with that person even though you both don’t possess a common dream. It is about accepting each other the way you are and being completely happy over your Imperfections. It is about knowing each other so well that you don’t have to ask for an opinion.

It is about that trust and loyalty that wherever you go whoever you are working with you still remember about them.

It is about putting each other first Naturally and effortlessly.

You know we humans have one side of us which we don’t really reveal to anyone and people take it for granted. Love is about getting to know those sides of each other.

I was wrong to think that Love means striving for the same goals.. or Syncing up for common likings.. No It’s lot more and bigger than that..

It’s about disagreeing and fighting but then agreeing and caring for what that person really cares for. To give the kind of happiness and help each other to fulfil those dreams which they have been dreaming of.

Love can last till you die when you accept each other’s shortcomings and try to not make them feel that they are not worth Love. You may never know what may happen in future. It is about sticking to each other through the hardest of hardest times. And finally true love is when you hold each other’s hands at the age where you have a dozen of grandchildren already and still being in love and looking into those eyes the same way as you were when you first met.

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